Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Busy Fun

Well Basketball is in full force at our house...
Bridger is playing 8th grade ball
Bailey is playin in a Saturday league
Max is doing a Saturday clinic and a traveling team
I love watching them play!
(Max is in the grey, he may be short, but he loves it)
 Basketball is Bridger's passion
He enjoys playing and watching...

 We finally got some new snow!!!
Grant hates to put his coat on, but loves to get in the sled
 We have a favorite sledding hill that barely has enough snow...
this is the first year Grant has gone down(it is very long and pretty steep)

Fun family Times!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lagoon and Amazing Women

Madden has been writing to Lagoon ever since we went there last summer.  He has a million ideas he wants to share with them:).  They have been so kind to write him back each time!  They have even invited him to be one of the first riders on a new airplane ride in the Spring.

 I have taken on the huge task of being the PTP President.  These two women are the vice president and secretary, Daedre and Annie! They have been beyond amazing.  I could not do this without them!  They have brilliant ideas and are more than willing to help pull it all together!  I love that they are busy moms and school/community minded!  You can see that we work hard and have fun doing it!  So far we have hosting back to school night, sold t-shirts and water bottles, had an outdoor movie night, put on a Halloween carnival, and next up-Santa's Shop.  Thanks girls!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Let's get all caught up on birthdays, shall we...

Randy had his birthday while we were camping
The kids decorated

 Bailey gave him this shirt:)

Grant turned 2!
 He got right into opening presents!
 He loves loves loves this car track
 We had a party with good friends and family

Madden turned 6!!!
He had his whole day planned out, even his meals
Cookie Crisp for breakfast

 He loves to go to Fat Cats!
We played the token games and saw "Smurfs"

Happy Birthday to 3/7ths of my cute family!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have talked about this before, and I will again
We try to visit as many temples as we can
We make a temple scrapbook
This was a fun visit with my family to the Draper Temple

 Papa and Nana and the Grandkids
What great examples they are to our kids

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flag Football

Max played and LOVED flag football
His team was the Steelers and they went undefeated!!!
This group of boys was so fun to watch, they are all very serious about football
We can't wait for next year...

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm On A Roll!!!

Oh yeah! 2 posts in 2 days!

We went to Boise for a Boise State Football Game!
We took Randy's parents, Bridger, Bailey, and Max
We had a great time...

 We had seats on the first row, pretty cool (although if you are thinking of going sit higher, you'll be able to see better)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Updating My Blog, I Know it's Shocking!

The weather has turned.  We are home and inside for a whole day!  I am feeling slightly caught up on my little life, so I will update this blog!  My year is quaranteed to be crazy, so don't expect much.  I am not going to put any pressure on myself:)  I was completely uplifted by General Conference and now I am ready to be the mom/person I want to be!  After all, "this is what we were given time for"

Before the weather got cold, a bunch of friends went for one last hike in Hariman.
It was a great day and the kids all did great!  
The hike was just a mile and a half.  Max and Madden practically ran the whole thing.  There have been so many bears in the area and even an attack, so we were a little nervous.  We had a couple cans of bear spray and some kids had bear bells!  Every mom had a baby in a pack!  These moms are great and energetic about life!